Workshop at TSM2018

Design of Novel Magnetic Materials by Modelling and Advanced Synthesis and Characterization  –Using new, state-of-the-art computational and experimental infrastructures will develop future novel materials more efficiently, reducing consecution times and using efficiently the resources available for it, developing a materials database that integrates experimental and theoretical data. Check out

Novamag 6th month meeting at REPM 2016

Novamang will held next meeting at the 24th International Workshop on Rare-Earth and Future Permanent Magnets and Their Applications (REPM 16). The Conference has a long history , its aim is to bring together scientists and engineers working on rare-earth permanent magnets and their applications and to facilitate exchange

Nanoparticles to replace rare-earth elements in permanent magnets

Scientists looking for alternatives to RE have reported in ACS’ journal Chemistry of Materials (“Strongly exchange coupled core|shell nanoparticles with high magnetic anisotropy: a strategy towards Rare Earth -free permanent magnets”) a new way to make nanoparticles that could replace some rare-earth materials and help ensure the continued supply of products

First Hybrid Vehicle Motor Magnet Free of Heavy Rare Earth Elements

Daido Steel Co., Ltd. and Honda Motor Co., Ltd. became the world’s first companies to achieve practical application of a hot deformed neodymium magnet containing no heavy rare earth*1 and yet with high heat resistance properties and high magnetic performance required for the use in the driving motor of a

Prof. Barandiaran from BCMaterials on Euskadi Irratia

Prof. Barandiaran, Scientific Director of BCMaterials, was yesterday on a radio show called “La Mecánica del Caracol” talking about NOVAMAG Project. Full interview HERE

NOVAMAG Kik-off meeting

NOVAMAG Kik-off meeting took place in the Basque Country University Library on April 7th and 8th.