NOVAMAG Work-Packages

The workplan is mapped out in order to succeed in each of the phases, and always keeping in mind the overall objectives of the project. This well-defined structure has been broken down according to types of activities, each with its own work packages with clear outputs contributing to the fulfilment of the project milestones:

Simulation activities will form the core of the project: Design/discovery of rare earth free uniaxial ferromagnetic phases based on heat of formation and ferromagnetic character (WP1); Second screening based on Calculated magnetic properties (magnetization, Curie temperature and magnetic anisotropy), and on thermodynamic considerations (WP2); Design by modelling the microstructure and micromagnetics of the considered phases for best performance (WP4);

Experimental Activities will demonstrate the viability of the simulation results and predict their future industrial application and commercialisation – Experimental screening of theoretically simulated phases (WP3); Developing High Coercivity in Samples With the Theoretically Simulated Phases (WP5); Characterization of the new theoretically found phase materials and permanent magnets for comparison with the simulation results (WP6); Design of new compound magnet processing (WP7)

Other activities bring a strong innovation component to this applied R&D effort as a forerunner to the future take- up of results by the industrial partners, and ensuring the project reaches a wider audience of SMEs from the EU permanent magnet value chain industry – Life cycle assessment, regulatory compliance and end-user validation, and economic modelling (WP8); Exploitation, Dissemination, training and Networking (WP9).

– Management activities will ensure an appropriate management framework is in place via structured and coherent Management activities linking together all the project components and maintaining communication with the European Commission – Consortium Management (WP10).